This is not just an art NFT collection,
but a new starting point of XCMG's exploration into the web3 world.
Touch the boundary between
virtual and real
industries together.
ur NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, and in the future, we will explore and develop open and inclusive economic models with the community on high-speed blockchains.
xperience the future with XCMG NFTs. Our digital assets redefine the boundaries between virtual and real, bringing the power of cutting-edge technology to your fingertips.
nnovation is the key to success in a rapidly changing world. Our NFTs represent the best of both worlds: the limitless potential of the virtual realm and the solid foundation of the physical world.

Explore the limitless potential of the digital world, powered by XCMG's innovative spirit and business network that spans 183 countries worldwide.  'For Real'!

We buidl for JOY
We believe that Buidl should bring happiness to people's lives. That's why we are committed to building high-quality, reliable machinery that makes construction projects smoother and more enjoyable. We have brought ultimate sports events and amazing experiences tothe world.
We buidl for COURAGE
Buidl is a challenging industry that requires courage and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve success. When difficulties arise, you can rely on XCMG to be by your side, every step of the way. We have made outstanding contributions to the construction of the Pan-Asian Railway project, which connects Southeast Asia and China.
We buidl for SUCCESS
Machinery is more than just cold, lifeless equipment. It is the hand that helps humanity conquer nature, and the path to triumph and prosperity. By creating roads, cities, and homes, these machines have not only transformed the world we live in but also become valuable assets that generate enormous value.
“the world’s largest-tonnage crane” is a crawler crane with the largest lifting capacity in the world.
We buidl for the FUTURE
We are committed to building a better tomorrow through innovation and sustainable development. Our machinery incorporates the latest technology, from artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things, to help our customers work smarter and more efficiently.
Now, we are entering the field of web3 to explore the establishment of
a more decentralized, open, and inclusive new ecosystem.